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The Biggar Puppet Theatre
(Purves Puppets, Biggar, Scotland)
The Little Angel Puppet Theatre (London,Islington)
The Puppet Barge
(Moving on the Thames)
The Norwich Puppet Theatre

The British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild - the Daddy of them all

Punch and Judy on the Web - The Authentic British Punch

The British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild

Punch and Judy on the Web - The Authentic British Punch

Conwy Children's Information Exchange - amenities local to the Harlequin Theatre

The Puppetry Page of Rose Sage - great for info, great for links.

Puppet Books

The Punch and Judy Directory of Professors in Britain

The Lambert Puppet Theatre - Home of the International Puppet Festival Ireland

The Punch and Judy Fellowship

Barbara Ray, one of the few lady Punch & Judy Professors.

Brian Eames, magician and all-rounder of entertainment.

Presto Puppets - Britain's leading touring puppet company.

Whats On Stage The Information Service for the British National Performing Arts

The Puppeteers Company of Brighton

Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta

The National Marionette Theatre

The Thistle Theatre - Puppet Theatre for Families.

The Saltzburg Marionette Theatre

Gigi Sandberg Toy Theatre Page

The Jim Henson Company

Pelham Puppets online

Prof. John Alexander, London based Punch and Judy expert

Prof. Robanti, Leeds based Punch professor of repute.

David Wilde - Punch Performer and Collector

Peter and Miraiker Battey - Punch performers and carvers of quality figures

Monster Puppets